Introducing the Manitoba Lake Life Collection of Sweatshirts

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Lac du Bonnet Sweatshirt

It's not a surprise Manitobans love the great outdoors. Over the last 11 months, especially, people have been finding new ways to clear their heads, take in fresh air and explore new areas of their province.

Manitoba is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and landscapes in the country, providing for endless fun on the water and stunning picturesque views and wildlife.

Spring and summer may be short, but Manitoba's lake country is accessible year-round, no matter the season. From ice fishing, snowmobiling and skiing, to enjoying a bonfire and sipping on a cold one after a long day outside, many would argue winter in Manitoba is just as enjoyable, if not more, than the warmer months.

Our new Manitoba Lake Life Collection pays tribute to all that our gorgeous province has to offer, while allowing you to showcase the pride you hold for your preferred corner of paradise.

What started off as a limited run of only 10 destinations has turned into more than a dozen locations. We've heard loud and clear from people who spend the most time in areas such as the Whiteshell, Lester Beach, Betula Lake, Lac du Bonnet, Victoria Beach and beyond.

Representing your favourite lake, beach or park is now a reality with our comfy pullover sweatshirts. Made of a 50% cotton-polyester blend, there has never been a better time to represent places such as Falcon Lake, Gimli, Grand Beach and others.

This collection is just the beginning! In the coming months, Feelsy Goods will also be creating other wearables with these designs, such as the softest tees, and other limited edition items just in time for cabin season.

View the complete Lake Life collection on our website or view the items below. If there's a destination we missed that you'd love to see, simply drop us an email

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